Educate a girl & change a life

 Across India, girls still face discrimination because of being born as girls: they are often considered a liability to be married off in their early teens or kept home to help with household chores. For those reasons, female literacy is considerably lower than male literacy.

Metiista understands the value of female education. When girls are well educated, they are not forced to marry, her children will be twice as likely to go to school and she will raise her family out of poverty by bringing home more money.

By purchasing any Metiista herbal powders you will contribute to helping a girl from an impoverished family or from an orphanage get an education.

We thank you in advance for your support.




Balika Adarsh Mandir Sn.Sec. shastri nagar is a private Hindi school located in Jodhpur exclusively run by donations from the local community. The students range from 3 to 19 years old. It’s mostly a girl’s school with boys allowed in kindergarden classes. 20% of the students can’t pay for schooling fees as they come from an impoverished family or from an orphanage.