Hair mask for healthy scalp

Hair mask for healthy scalp

Do you experience itchiness, tiny white flakes or greasy scalp? If you answered yes to any of those questions you probably have an unhealthy scalp. Why is it so important? Because healthy hair is not possible without a healthy scalp. There are many things that can damage the scalp. Sun damage causes thinning of the epidermis and dermis. Hair care products and treatments may cause damage to the hair shaft and scalp skin. The following herbs (Curry leaves, Amla and Neem) found in this recipe will help you restore the balance of your scalp. 


-1/3 Cup Amla powder
-1/4 Cup Curry leaves  powder 
-1/2 Cup Neem powder
-2 tbsp Bhrami oil or coconut oil
-1 Cup filtered water (warm)


-1 bowl
-1 spatula or spoon
-Measuring spoons


  1. Mix the Amla,Curry leaves and Neem together
  2. Add water and the oil and combine well until you obtain a smooth paste
  3. Add the drops of EO and mix

How to use:


In the shower, wet your hair. Apply the mask on the scalp. Apply a shower cap and leave for at least 20mn.

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Great recipe!

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