Aritha Face cleanser

Aritha Face cleanser

This cleanser won't damage or dry your skin like conventional cleansers. It will act the same way as the oil cleansing method but with the addition of Ayurvedic powders. In order to remove dirt and oil based impurities from the skin such as makeup, air pollutants & excess sebum, you will need to use an oil based cleanser. Aritha is used as a cleansing agent since it has naturally occurring saponin while the Amla will enhance the complexion. Both powders will also act as mild exfoliants to remove dead skin and additional impurities. The Jojoba oil is a liquid ester that is appropriate for both dry and oily skin and balances out the sebum of your skin. 


-2 tbsp Aritha powder
-2 tbsp Amla powder 
-4 tbsp Jojoba oil


-1 bowl
-1 small hand whisk or spoon
-Measuring spoons


  1. Mix the Aritha & Amla powders together and mix well
  2. Add the jojoba oil-You should obtain a semi-liquid paste
  3. Put in a bottle or jar w/lid 

How to use:

Apply a small amount in your hands and massage on your skin for 30 seconds as you would a facial cleanser. Rinse with lukewarm water. You can remove the excess oil with a cloth dipped in warm water. 

Conservation time:

Several weeks (up to 1 month) in a closed jar 



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