Homemade Beauty

Drawing inspiration from ancient beauty treatments, Metiista’s cosmetic formulations use naturally derived ingredients such as herbs, roots, oils, flowers, and butters that have been used for centuries and are proven to be effective in treating specific beauty concerns. Using natural, safe, toxin free products can only contribute to healthy skin and a healthy body in the long term.





  • Henna for tatoos

    Henna is a great way to create beautiful and safe designs on your skin without the permanent and sometimes toxic effects of a…
  • Neem & peppermint Toothpaste

    Many name-brand toothpastes contain potentially harmful ingredients that may penetrate through the tissue of your mouth, enter the blood stream, and build up…
  • Rose & Chocolate Bath Melts

    Made with nourishing raw cocoa butter, rose powder, raw cacao powder and pure essential oils, these bath melts are very easy, cheap and quick to make. You…
  • “Out of Africa” Body Butter

    This creamy butter will revitalize your skin and restore its sofness while improving the texture. Massage on your skin everytime your skin needs an infusion of…
  • Detox Seaweed and Mineral Bath Salt

    The kelp and natural salts provide a complete mineral detoxification for your body while the combined essential oils support your lymphatic drainage and circulation. Preparation…
  • Papaya Body Scrub

    This body scrub is packed with natural skin brightening fruit acids that will keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. Both papaya and Rosehip powder have the…
  • Argan Oil & Rhassoul Body Scrub

    Create a true Moroccan hammam experience in your own home with this body scrub made with pure argan oil & Rhassoul clay. It will leave…


  • Henna Gloss Bar

    A henna based hair butter packed with conditioning neutral henna,  moisturizing oils and nourishing butters to leave the hair glossy, fuller and strong. Cassia…
  • Amla & Fenugreek Conditioning Mask

    This is a fantastic hair mask for very dry, brittle and damaged hair. It contains amazing ingredients that will leave your hair feeling soft,…
  • 100% Natural Hair Dye with Henna & Indigo

    Using henna to color hair is the best natural alternative to synthetic dyes. The henna plant contains lawsone which is a reddish-orange dye that…
  • Herbal pack for hair growth

    Herbal Hair packs are a paste of powdered herbs that nourish, hydrate the hair and promote its growth. This recipe uses a balanced combination of ayurvedic…
  • Ayurvedic Amla Oil

    This is a very basic ayurvedic hair oil recipe using amla and coconut oil, two ingredients commonly used in India to promote the health of…
  • Bhringaraj Hair Serum

    To achieve optimal hair growth, your #1 priority should be to maintain a healthy hydrated scalp. We often forget that it needs as much care…

Traditional Home Beauty Recipes

It’s been 3 years since I haven’t bought one single commercial skincare product in stores. Result? Glowing , soft and blemish free skin. Smearing chemicals on your body can cause serious irreversible damage to your skin. I can attest to this as I myself experienced a chemical burn from a visit at a spa. It’s been 7 years and the dark spot is still present to this day while dark pigmentation from the sun and  acne marks have all disappeared. You should make sure to check the ingredients and only buy what is considered “safe”. You can read my blog on the top 10 harmful ingredients as a guide.  So you probably wonder what I have been using on my skin. Herbal powders, hydrosols, oils, and even fruits are the main ingredients in my skin formulations from cleansers to moisturizers. Read more

The Ultimate Beauty Oils from Around the world:

Women around the world have been using plant-based oil derived from fruit, seed or nut to protect, nourish, and moisturize their skin and hair for centuries. Going back to Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was using black seed oil as her secret beauty oil. Massaging oil onto your body should be part of your daily beauty routine regardless of the type of skin or hair you may have (dry or oily).

Read on and discover the amazing oils nature gifted us with. I invite you to try them out for yourself and discover their benefits.

How to Make a Traditional Ayurvedic Hair Oil from Kerala:

The women of India are well known for having long, thick beautiful hair. Their secret? They apply oil to their hair and scalp on a daily basis. Coconut oil and gingelly oil are the most used. However, if you have a specific hair condition (hair loss, breakage, dandruff..), you will need to look into herbal hair oils found in the Ancient India Healing Tradition of Ayurveda. Specifically, the texbook called “Sahasrayogam” (It means “One Thousand formulations”) gathers thousands of herbal formulations used by Ayurvedic practitioners in Kerala.

There are several herbal oils found in Ayurveda specifically to treat the hair and scalp such as: Neelibringadi Thailam, Kayyunyagi Thailam, Nili Nirgundyadi Thailam etc…In Kerala, the capital of Ayurveda, they are all prepared using the same formula and method of preparation.

Here’s how to make an authentic Herbal Oil from Kerala

Are Your Beauty Products Harming Your Health?

Most people don’t read labels on their beauty products, and when they do, they don’t really understand what the ingredients are and if they are safe or harmful for their health. Indeed, how can you understand a word you can’t even pronounce?  Well this is all going to change, since I will take you through the most common ingredients found in your cosmetics that should be avoided at all costs.

The majority of modern cosmetics are complex mixtures of industrially produced synthetic chemicals.They are loaded with potential irritants, carcinogens, neurotoxins and hormone disruptors which are easily absorbed through the skin. Some commonly used chemicals can also trigger allergic reactions and may affect immune and nervous systems. All of those health concerns are pretty good reasons for looking closer into what you apply on your skin.

Here is my top 10 list of ingredients that have been proven to be harmful.


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