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EXPLORE OUR COURSE SELECTION Emerge as an expert in making 100% natural skin care in just a few days!

After being approached many times with requests for more information regarding my Miami Beach workshops from women around the globe, I have decided in offering these courses online so that anyone can have the opportunity to learn from anywhere – no matter where in the world you are! I believe that healthy and balanced skin care is so fundamental to a woman’s overall self-esteem and self-expression and I’m happy to share my knowledge and beauty recipes with all of you!

The first two courses are based mostly on Ayurvedic principles as it forms good foundational knowledge for the next courses, which mostly delve in making more intricate cosmetic products. I will be adding many more courses on how to make more conventional beauty products such as Skin Cream, Hair Products and Makeup in the near future!
I hope you enjoy these course as much as I did preparing them!


Enjoy the essence of Ayurvedic plants in your Beauty products!

Learn to make your own skin care & hair care using only 100% natural ingredients

Within the past year I have noticed an increasing demand for 100% natural beauty products and a peaking interest in Ayurvedic powders. To meet this need, I developed this course for anyone inspired to make the purest beauty products from ingredients only found in nature.

Traditionally, a drawback to using powders, especially in hair products, is that it can be difficult to rinse off your hair, and increases post-shower cleanup time. Imagine a shampoo or conditioner providing the same benefits as the powder, yet without the gritty/ grainy texture and mess left behind? Being myself an avid user of ayurvedic powders, using them in all of my beauty products, I wanted to find a solution. Incorporating my knowledge of an experience with Ayurvedic plants and natural cosmetic formulation, I developed several innovative products.

From years of research and experimentation, I found a way to create emulsions without the use of any non-natural, man-made ingredients.  Instead, I simply use a specific plant in its whole state.  This is breakthrough information and cannot be found anywhere!

In this course you will:

  • Learn to make authentic Ayurvedic herbal decoctions.
  • Learn to make herbal oils.
  • Learn about the top Ayurvedic herbs for Beauty and their benefits.
  • Learn to make Skincare and Haircare products using 100% natural ingredients.
    • A shampoo
    • A hair conditioner
    • A face/body scrub
    • A face/body cleanser
    • A facial cream

Benefits of online course:

Each student will have a personal log in account with unlimited access to the course theory and videos.

Each beauty formulation is supported by a video demonstration making it really easy to understand and replicate.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 4.56.53 PM



Ayurveda is the Indian traditional holistic approach to life and health. It roots back more than 5,000 years and is believed by many to be the oldest and more comprehensive health and wellness care system. The central concept of Ayurveda is the theory that health exists when there is a balance between three fundamental bodily humors or doshas called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Every part of us is governed by these three doshas. Skin is no exception. Many skin conditions are thought to be caused by a dosha imbalance. Knowing your skin dosha and dosha  imbalance makes it easier to treat any skin conditions you may be experiencing.At the end of the workshop, all students will be able to make their own beauty products based on their skin type & challenges.

In this course you will:

  • Learn about the doshas and find out your dosha skin type.
  • Learn the 7 beauty steps for healthy skin taught by Ayurveda.
  • Learn to align your diet and lifestyle to your skin dosha or imbalances.
  • Design your own dinacharya (daily routine) to enhance the health of your skin.
  • Learn about the top Ayurvedic herbs for skincare and benefits.
  • Learn to make authentic Ayurvedic formulations based on your dosha.
    • A face cleanser
    • A scrub
    • A face mask
    • A hair pack to address dandruff, premature graying & hair fall

Past Workshops

It has been a wish for a while to make my own beauty products. Today I really enjoyed learning about ingredients and how they can help me look and feel better. Can’t wait to come back to the next workshop!
Thank you!


I really liked this Hair workshop because I believe in the power of natural products and making my own shampoo and hair cream was a great experience! I love the facility:)


Don’t let the price of the workshops turn you away… Even if it seems a little pricey at first, they are worth every penny. Not only will you leave from the class with a workbook and a wealth of information but you will also get to bring home your own home made beauty products crafted only from high quality ingredients.
I did 2 classes and I will definitely be back!!”
Looking forward to next time!!”


Very informative, fun and organic. Really love it…Looking forward to the next class.
Thank you for sharing.


Very happy to have met brigitte. She has a lot of knowledge to share. They say a fine teacher teaches others and brigitte is just doing that. Thank you for sharing your passion for natural cosmetics.

Ana Marcela

I am very happy I took my first natural cosmetics workshop. The workshop was interactive and had a foundation in theory. Brigitte is very knowledge and passionate! It was educational and fun. Also brigitte’s organization and meticulousness made the workshop fun and easy! Merci!!
I will be back:)


Thank you once again, brigitte for my second workshop! I really enjoyed learning about the natural qualities that are used for hair products. I am trying to lead a more “green”+conscious lifestyle so this helps me to get closer to my goal. I look forward to the lectures & more workshops! Merci beaucoup!


It was an awesome experience, very happy for all that I learned. I invite everyone to come to brigitte’s workshops. It was excellent!
Thank you

Tari Mari

I loved everything about the workshop. Thank you brigitte for sharing your knowledge.I look forward to many more sessions.


The workshop was amazing! I loved everything especially that it’s hands-on-experience with the instruction booklet. Brigitte, you’re very attentive, caring and very helpful.


Ha sido una experiencia incredible! Estoy muy interesada en las proximas clases; mi familia y yo estamos tratando de evitar tantos quimicos y viven mas natural. Este es el comienzo para una mejor vida. Excelente clase y profesora.
Muy agradecida


Brigitte was truly wonderful and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed learning more than I had expected to. Her class was informative and relaxing. I would highly recommend this experience and look forward to coming back. Merci, à bientot Brigitte!


Thank you brigitte for this wonderful opportunity to get in touch with old traditions but in a modern way that we can all easily understand and benefit from. I loved getting my hands dirty as a chemist.



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