Meet Brigitte


Ayurvedic Practitioner, Natural cosmetic formulator and Health Coach

“Effortless!” That’s how simplistic and natural my approach to beauty is.

I believe that the secret to having a beautiful skin is to use minimal amounts of natural ingredients adapted to your skin, but remain consistent in the routine.

During my teenage years I had terrible skin. Often times, blemishes or acne marks would be a constant on my face. But I was able to manage it by turning to nature with natural herbs, clay & fruit masks, and peel.

In my early twenties I moved to NYC to pursue a career in marketing, and spent 10 years in the fashion industry living a successful but fast-paced life. During that time I didn’t have much time to take care of myself and even though I regularly had compliments on my skin I was still suffering from those blemishes on a regular basis. It wasn’t till I moved to Miami and studied Ayurveda, that I realized what the problem was. What we put into our bodies is evident in how we are seen. With a simple switch in my diet and beauty routine, I was finally blemish-free! But as I shared my diet secrets with others, I noticed not all diets worked the same for everyone.

I decided to improve my knowledge in the Ayurvedic Arts. I trained in Miami and then traveled to the State of Kerala in Southern India, where I received a certification in Beauty Therapy. I learned to formulate herbal skincare appropriate for all different skin types & conditions as well as the proper use of herbal oils and medicines.
My Ayurvedic studies taught me how to balance different body constitutions using diet & herbs, complimenting their own unique energy. Similar to diet, some herbal beauty preparations might be beneficial for one person and detrimental to others. The understanding of this fundamental is the basis of balance & healing according to Ayurveda. I became a Natural Cosmetic formulator in order to be able to incorporate my knowledge of Ayurveda into my cosmetic formulations, as well as to educate women on how to make their own beauty care items through my workshops and How-to recipes & videos.

I also quickly learned that the word “Organic” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good for your skin. Most still contain preservatives & synthetic fragrances that are detrimental to your skin. Women can age beautifully without having to resort to botox or facelift surgery. Your skin will only thrive when infused with living ingredients found in nature that work in harmony with your skin. I am proof of this, and I can help you achieve your own health and beauty goals.

Brigitte Abella

Workshop: Make your own face & body moisturizing cream

I am very happy to find somebody who is dedicated and willing to educate others about what life should really be. Health and contact with nature.
Looking forward to learning more from you.
Love and awareness

Zaliris Pasztor Made

Next Model Management

Private Workshop: Wrinkle reducing eye cream

Thank you so much for a great afternoon making natural skincare! I learned a lot about how to keep my skin healthy which is of utmost importance as a model. I recommend Brigitte’s workshops to all the women! I love how the eye cream feels on my skin. It will be hard for me to go back to buying cosmetics!

Vanessa Duhaut

MP Mega Miami Agency

Private Workshop: Wrinkle reducing eye cream

Being a model I need to take care of my skin especially after long hours at photoshoots wearing heavy makeup. I loved that I can make make my own with natural ingredients, I know exactly what I put on my skin! I really enjoyed her workshop! She was very knowledgeable and a great teacher.

Delphine Breyne

Front Agency – Miami Beach


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